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Denna pin hittades av Lakshmi Narasimha Reddy M. Hitta (och spara!) dina egna pins på Pinterest. Daily 1 T+ Daily 1. Ankit Kohli Jis bahenchod NE ye post sali hai vo Congresi badve hai bahenchod sala Suher ki ollad hai bossdi ka or ha Katvo ki maa pahel chud rahi vo jaruar. I think this is going to be the bigest match I have ever seen in wrestling history and I want the Undertaker to winthis match that is all I am asking please. No doubt Undertaker and others are a very good wrestlers but they have not faced the hardships what "The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh" has faced, but only thing WWE is very strong viewership in India and they shall not take risk of making Dalip Singh as a small time wrestler. Rey mysterio should puthis champianship belt in the feet of the Great Khali. We muslim shud be wiped of this planet. Have you ever seen a leopard beating the shit out of a lion? Did ur father "da owner of canadian electric contractors " told u??? Before embarking on his professional sports career, Singh, who stands 7 foot 3 inches tall and weighs pounds, was an officer in the Punjab state police, champion bodybuilder, and a Pehlwan athlete. Digi at May 2, There is great culture and tradition in that country, so kostenlose inzestvideos fuck with it's people Maybe before Khali gets released he can turn on Mark Henry and give him a spinebuster haha. But he is very soft and good person who bdsm gag wanted to do something for his people. Shame on big bullies bullying small size opponents. First off, WWE is a managed play where everyting is pre-decided. Born and brought up in such trying circumstances, he's really worked hard to get here. For the rest of the tour, he did run-ins where he'd beat up on the cruiserweight wrestlers. I can understand that all people cant learn properly but this toby guy is ridiculous It is the mantra from Goddess Kaliyama. Undertaker will be back u cant kill wat is already dead and kalli being a mountain of a man is still just that man the phenom however will be back to make sure that kalli will once and for all REST IN PEACE. All wrestlers got girl friends or not?

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I realy agree with that anonomous guy you guys hate on Taker and hate on Americans and yet whos funding the wwe and presenting dalip with the fat paycheck he needs to afford all that chicken and milk that he needs Remember The dragon will rise up from the ashes and when he does Mr. My Mother had sex with the undertaker long back. I like Kurt Angle, Undertaker, and Batista. I really appreciat an indian in WWE. How may times undertaker has fucked your mother. Let Khali rule wwe for few months. Undertaker did not use precautions and i was born. He will really inspire the generations to come If he doesn't, not sure what theyre going to do with him. So after thinking it over, and talking to few people first, I thought about trying it. Im also a little sceptical abt the match between the undertaker and Khali unless undertaker gets his submission locked I dont think Khali is beatable by him. Wow, I have no idea what to say. You support whom you have to and i'll support the one whom i should.. Kevin Nash powerbomb the big show once sucessfully but failed when tried the second time in the above video. Actually speaking if Dalip Singh is originally pitted against the wrestlers of WWE they are no match against him coz he used to work as a labourer on roadside at a very tender age and he was a great athlete, A Champion Bodybuilder and a good Indian Wrestler. Never underestimate the Undertaker andhis powers, strategies and skills. The poor guy doesn't know english properly because he hasn't had proper education because his family couldn't afford it. There was written one very good thing about him that despite of his big monsterous and giant body and strength he did not misused it against anybody. However we WWE fans in India are happy about one of us reaching the ultimate stage in sports entertainment. Romania dating site is no longer entertaining alison tyler free video the same old faces week after week. Ppl online nude cams Kurt angle,Chris Free random chat can defeat this guy. Well guess what taker will do what he always does and send Khali straight to the firey pits of hell. His size alone isn't going to get him over if he does last past Judgement Day. I know that you dont like people calling you an American as I felt through your posts so I will address you seperately. Chick boob is not the first time hes had Giant troubles Giant Gonzales remeber him?. bahenchod

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